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AOG Aircraft Maintenance


Clear2Fly Aerospace AOG technicians provide rapid responses to our AOG situations

Clear2Fly highly trained and licensed A&P technician AOG team provides 24 hour 7 day unscheduled for unforeseen events or scheduled maintenance for any checks or inspection required by part 91, 135 and 121 (air carriers/airlines) aircraft operators. We can tailor our services to fit your needs.  All Clear2Fly AOG technicians and leaders are fully badged with security clearances and escort privileges for most airports we service.  We are rapidly growing and we can establish new AOG locations most convenient to our customers with short notice.


  • Staffed and 24/7 365 days a year ​​

  • 5 minute response times during normal operational hours

  • Dedicated AOG support vehicles

  • Charter Flight Support

  • Oxygen Service

  • Nitrogen Service

  • Hydraulic Service

  • Consumable (turbine oil, lubricants, cleaners, etc)

  • Hangar space (when available) for up to an Airbus A320 size class

  • Certified calibrated tooling program and FAA approved Drug and Alcohol program 

  • Access to Lift truck for elevated maintenance/inspections

  • AOG / Mobile Maintenance

  • Contact us at



24-HR AOG Line: 225-605-3019 (AOG MX ONLY)

24-HR BACK UP: 877-257-2359

Business Office: 877-257-2359

Terminal Concourse A

9430 Jackie Cochran Drive

Baton Rouge, LA 70807


24-HR AOG Line: 386-682-2467 (AOG MX ONLY)

24-HR BACK UP: 877-257-2359

Business Office: 877-257-2359

1585 Aviation Center Parkway

Hangar 606

Daytona Beach, FL 32114

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